Who Do You Want To Be?

My first step before I start getting specific about my goals


How are you characterized?

If you ask your spouse  come up with 3-5 non-physical descriptive words to explain who you are what would they be?  If you asked friends or colleagues that same question what do you think the answer would be?  If you’ve never tried it I highly suggest it.  Making people choose a few words causes them to be more careful with the words they choose.  It’s a fun exercise, but not exactly the point of this post.

I ask people that question as it relates to this past year.  How would you characterize me in 2017?

After I process that feedback (sometimes it is harder than other times).  I start to think about how I’d like to be characterized at the end of the next year.

An Example

For instance, at this time last year I decided I wanted to be more clearly characterized as someone who prays.  I know, I’m a pastor, that should come naturally.  I’ll be honest… it doesn’t.  But I want it to be more natural.

So about this time last year that was on my list of things I wanted to be characterized by.  That gave way to a goal of writing in a prayer journal weekly which I’m happy to say I did.  Prayer isn’t a lot easier for me, but it has definitely become a larger part of my life.  My kids know I keep a prayer journal and they know when they come to me with a problem or something they’re worried about the first thing I do is ask if they’ve prayed about it yet.


My advice before writing goals is to think about what you want to be known as at the end of this next year.  Think about the type of person you want to BE, before you think about the things you are going to DO.


What do you want to be characterized as this next year?

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