Goals Need to be SHARED

Tips for sharing your goals



Once you’ve evaluated your first draft of your goals you should share those goals with others.  Share them with close friends, your spouse, mentors, and coaches.  Tell them why you are trying to get more serious about setting and completing goals.  Ask them to take a look at the 5-7 goals you are working towards.

When it comes to sharing your goals with others the benefit comes in two areas.

1) Input

You’ll be able to hear what others think about your goal’s attainability and benefit to you.  One of the hardest things to do is to open yourself up to others in this way.  Let them see your goals, maybe even give them a couple days to think about them, and then ask for HONEST feedback about them.  The eyes of others on your situation is a gift.

2) Accountability

Others will be able to know what you are working towards and ask you about it in the future.  Make sure these people are close to you and will ask you about them on a fairly consistent basis.  This community around your goal will help you push forward when you want to quit.  Give them the freedom to ask specific questions.


Tips to help you share your goals

  • Who should you share your goals with?
  • Do you have a coach or mentor?
  • What barriers might you find in sharing your goals.

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