Plan: Control Your Calendar or It Will Control You

A look at a productive week in church planting



You’ve got to plan.  Organizing your week is pretty key to productivity in church planting.  You’ve got to drive your schedule or it will drive you.  I tend to set my week up in terms of blocks of time and the rhythms of my family and my church. At the bottom of this post is what a typical week looks like for me.

Everyday Stuff

I wake up early.  I always have.  I’m not a genius by any means (which is what a few friends have asserted).  I just like getting early.  4 is early even for me, but my boys have inherited my odd sleep schedule.  In order to beat them awake I have to get up at 4 to get some time alone with the Lord ad begin study.

I try to workout or run everyday.  I typically tag it with lunch.  I’ve found my energy level increases significantly when I workout and/or run.  I’m not any kind of a magnificent specimen of the male figure by any means, but I’m healthy, can bench my body weight (usually), and have completed a marathon.  I don’t attribute that to natural athletic acumen, but just some consistency in my regiment.  I HIGHLY recommend pastors exercise regularly.


Sunday is devoted to our worship service, counseling and our life group.  I get up early, go to Starbucks and get a 5 shot venti peppermint mocha (nonfat milk, no whip cream) and look over my message, check our volunteer schedule, meet with my executive pastor, and think about what has to happen on Sunday.  In the evening we have our life group at 5pm.


Monday is typically an administration day where I’m working through weekly planning and message prep.  I know a lot of guys take Mondays off.  I’m not a fan of that, and you can read about that here.  My rhythms make me want to work through what happened the day before so I spend much of Sunday looking at numbers, assessing how Sunday services went, etc.  That’s just how I roll.


Tuesday is meeting day.  Normally, I’ll have anywhere from 5-9 meetings on Tuesday.  They vary in how crucial they are.  Typically, I meet with our administrative assistant and creative arts director.  I have regular lunch meetings and time with a couple people I’m discipling.  At night we have our staff meeting.  Most of our staff is part-time and this is the best day for them.


Wednesday is a message and planning day.  I finish my presentation outline and look ahead to what might need to be worked on for upcoming messages.


Thursday is make up day.  It is an odd when everything goes according to plans on Monday – Wednesday.  Thursday is a miscellaneous day where I catchup on the things that weren’t done throughout the week. Thursday is my alternate evening meeting day and I’ll do meetings at night with our finance team or elder team on this night.


Friday is kind of special meeting day.  I meet with men I’m discipling.  I take interesting meetings (this week we’re meeting with a builder for our future long term home).  Friday’s work typically ends at noon.  I take that time through about 5pm on Saturday off.


Saturday is rest and family day.  We’ve had soccer lately, but soccer has finished up for this season.  The important thing for us on this day is to be together, take a nap, and relax.  I’ve found that around 5 or 6 pm I start thinking about Sunday and all that’s coming so typically after dinner I’ll go to the bedroom and start my Sunday prep.

My Routine, What About You?

This is my routine.  I’ve based it on my natural rhythms and what my family, staff, and church needs.  What’s your rhythm


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