Leading Connection Practically During COVID19. Track your contacts!

COVID19 has proven to be a crisis in many senses: medically, economically, and mentally. This is going to be an event that marks our generation. One issue that we’ve confronted early as an elder team and staff is checking in on all of our people. We felt like it would be imperative for them to hear from more than just the Lead Pastor and their life group leader, but to have multiple connections throughout the week.

Contact Tracker

One thing that we’ve implemented is a simple google sheet with staff or elders at the top and a roster down the left side.

  • If you try to connect you place a “c” next to their name
  • If you bless someone with a meal, special gift, etc you place a “b”
  • If you get to have a longer interaction like a Zoom call, FaceTime, or Phone call then you place a “q”

We want to make sure our people know they are prayed for, loved, and cared for beyond Sunday. Our staff and elders make it a point to make sure each person is hit every week. We pair this spreadsheet with an in house Google Doc where we capture prayer requests.

What About You?

How are you making sure that your people are being contacted and connected with on a regular basis?

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