Leading During COVID19. Connect with Leaders

Staying on the same page with leaders is VITAL right now. Even a few weeks into the COVID19 Crisis things change literally everyday. One thing that we’ve done as a staff is implement some of Patrick Lencioni’s philosophy that he outlines in Death by Meeting, a book I HIGHLY recommend regardless of where you lead or what type of organization you are a part of.

In the book Lencioni emphasizes 4 different types of meetings that organizations need to have:

  1. Quarterly Offsite: Spend time away thinking about the big picture of the organization. This might be a retreat.
  2. Monthly Strategic: This is where you tackle big strategic issues that have come up in your weekly staff meetings.
  3. Weekly Tactical: This what’s typically the weekly staff meeting. Most people dread it, but there is a way to make it meaningful. I’ll tackle this in a future post.
  4. Daily Standup: This is a SHORT meeting where we share what everyone is working on and how you can resource one another.

Daily Standup (Or Zoom Up)

CityView (the church I lead) has implemented these types of meetings in different ways since reading Lencioni’s book. One meeting that we’ve never done is the daily standup. We’re an almost completely part-time staff with most people working other full time jobs. That makes this meeting typically VERY difficult and essentially totally impractical.

However, during the COVID19 crisis we’ve found it actually easier to make this meeting happen. Actually, we have found extraordinary value in the meeting as things change on a day-to-day basis. We utilize Zoom and have a 10 minute checkin meeting everyday, Monday – Friday, to stay on top of tasks, prayer requests, needs, ideas, and opportunities. This has helped us fix problems, meet needs, and stay nimble as we lead through crisis.

What About You?

How are you staying organized and up-to-date with your leaders and team?

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