Leadership in 5 Buckets

Henry Cloud was on the Entre Leadership Podcast on the Ramsey Network. He’s a Christian psychologist and author of many books including Boundaries and Integrity. He was on the podcast talking about the executive functions of the brain and their relationship to leadership. He mentioned 5 categories or buckets.

The categories are:

  • Vision – Where are we going?
  • Resource/Talent Acquisition – What do we need to get there?
  • Strategy/Plan – How do we get there?
  • Measurements for Accountability – How do we know if we’re successful?
  • Adaptation Systems – What do we need to change based on the things we’re measuring?

His point was that all leadership is contained in these 5 buckets and that big picture organizational leaders need to ensure that all of these areas are considered. The brain operates this way and so should organizations.

I’d agree with his basic assessment. I find it valuable to have quick reference metaphors like “the executive functions of the brain” to talk to others about leadership. Leadership is big, messy, and complicated. Without those quick metaphors these ideas get lost.

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