Leaders Steer Clear of Complaining: 3 Ways to Keep from Complaining


Does anyone like complaining?  Does anyone like hearing grumbling?  Do you like hanging out with chronic complainer?

The answer is, obviously, no.  Complaints discourage, frustrate and slow the growth of you and others.  That’s why Paul tells the Philippians believers, “Do all things without grumbling or disputing,” (Philippians 2:14).  Leaders especially need to keep themselves free from complaining in order to point the direction forward.  People don’t follow laments, they follow leaders.  So what can you do to keep yourself from becoming a chronically complaining leader?  So glad you asked.

3 Ways a leader can keep from complaining.

  1. Pray.  It isn’t trite and small, it is the biggest and best thing we can do in the middle of frustrating circumstances.  When we take the problem, person, or problem person to the Lord, more often than not our hearts change.  We see things differently.  Our frustrations settle and we see things better.
  2. Think. Rather than complain spend some time thinking about how you can fix the situation.  What is ONE thing you can do right now to fix the situation? What are steps you can take to deal with the issue? Sometimes, it is totally out of your hands, but there is typically something you can come up with to help immediately.
  3. Act. You can’t just make a plan as to how to deal with a situation.  YOU. MUST. ACT.  You have to follow through on the thing that would help.  You’ve got to deal with it.  This is one of the hardest aspects of leadership.  You don’t want to hurt someone, you don’t want to stir the pot more, or you’re afraid of some other outcome.  Leadership requires prayerful, thoughtful action.

Do you find yourself complaining frequently? Do you have any strategies for overcoming chronic complaints?  What are they?  Feel free to share in the comments section.

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