Hurricane Response – “We Are Better Together”

Better TogetherBetter Together

One of the most encouraging things I’ve seen over the past several days is the churches in our city working together to meet needs and love on people.

Here are a few of the amazing things I’ve seen:

  • In my city of Pearland the churches have procured a 200,000 sq ft warehouse to be a centralized hub for food, water, toiletry, and cleaning supply donation.  We’ve had an amazing pallet business in Florida donate 26 pallets stocked with food, water, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.  Many other churches have made similar donations.
  • Churches are working together to help the community with ZERO thought to who is getting the credit.  This is most easily seen as teams go house to house ripping out carpet and drywall.  If one church’s list is full then they ask another church to grab it and… THEY DO.
  • Our church meets in a school.  The schools are closed until at least Tuesday.  That would mean that we wouldn’t have a place to meet for two a second week in a row.  This could be very difficult for our young church both spiritually and financially.  A local church opened it’s doors to us meeting there this Sunday morning.
  • CityView Church got to buy supplies for several distribution centers that were in need of cleaning supplies and gift cards for gas and groceries.

We really are better together.  This is a wonderful picture of the gospel that we are seeing ministered in both deed and WORD.  Jesus is being made much of as people are seeing the church serving the devastated.


Keep Giving

The needs are great.  By the grace of God they are being met.  There is still a lot more to do though.  As we’ve been told many times recovery is a marathon and not a sprint.  Multiple groups are on the ground working.  Give towards those groups that are local and going to be there for the long haul, after the television cameras are gone.

Donate to CityView Church Disaster Relief

Donate to Southern Baptist of Texas Disaster Relief


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