Focus To Lead: 3 Questions to Refine Vision

vision and focus

In order to lead well you need focus.  I love this quote by Steve Jobs:

“Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.”

You, your church, your ministry cannot do everything.  Trying to focus on multiple priorities and initiatives is a recipe for disaster.  You can’t be everything for everyone.  You need to stop getting frustrated by that fact and find empowerment in  it.  Find the vision for what God has called you to do and focus there.

Focusing on God’s vision for you means shedding all the extras that don’t matter.  It means cutting fat, canceling programs, and doing what matters most in accord with your vision.  This doesn’t mean that those programs didn’t serve a purpose at one time. It doesn’t meant that they aren’t important any more.  It just means that they aren’t in line with the vision and they need to be set aside.

Start with these 3 questions to help begin the process of refining vision:

  1. What is the purpose of this ministry/church/church plant?
    • What do you feel God calling you to do?
    • Are there large needs that need?
    • What are hoping to accomplish?
  2. Who is the focus of this ministry/church/church plant?
    • What group of people are you trying to help?
    • Is there a certain demographic you are seeking to serve?
  3. What are the needs the people that this ministry/church/church plant are trying to meet?
    • Get specific. Everyone needs Jesus, that can’t be the specific need you are trying to meet.  Think about the need you can meet to earn the right to speak about Jesus.
    • Where are these people lacking?
    • What are they missing?
    • How are you uniquely made to meet those needs.?

What is your vision? How can you refine it and make it more clear?  What are you trying to do that you need to stop doing?  What do you need to start doing?

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