I’m on Mr. Mom duty this week, a state I’m in about once a month. My wife works and has to go out of town once a month. These weeks I get exhausted. It made me think through my history with exhaustion.


A state I thought I understood as a teenager after mowing the lawn, trimming, and edging on a Saturday.

Again, There was a time when I was home from college the summer before my senior year where I would work all day, intern at my church until 11pm, and then work midnights at a hospital.

I started ministry at 22 and I thought I was exhausted after an all-nighter (the dumbest idea ever invented) with 100 students.

We were married at 24 and exhaustion stopped being just physical, but also emotional, not in a bad way, but a new way where there was emotional care that needed to be extended to my amazing wife.

Children started coming in January of 2008 and I learned anew what exhaustion meant. Sleepless nights, typical parent worries, and overwhelmed moments.

Planting a church and completing a doctoral degree with an amazing wife and kids and writing a dissertation showed me exhaustion from a different angle.

At 38 exhaustion is something different, it’s emotional, it’s physical, it’s mental. It involves all of those amazing people (wife, kids, church), ministry, complex thoughts, and responsibilities that weigh heavily.

Exhaustion teaches me that I’m limited and I’ll always be limited and I’ll always be limited. God is gracious to grow me through the exhaustion and show me my very real limitations and demonstrate His limitlessness. The problem comes when I don’t recognize my limits and rely on Him.

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