Every Church Planter Needs: A Counselor

Part 2 of a 3 part series on the people that every church planter needs


Ever since we planted CityView Church in 2014 we’ve gotten multiple questions about what church planters need.  Aside from a strong and growing relationship with Jesus, the support of their spouse, Kingdom dollars invested in their plant or team members to join their core team, I always tell them that every planter needs three people who speak into their lives that help them plant in a healthy manner.  Every planter needs 3 specific people.  This blog series will share the three people that every church planter needs in his life.


Every church planter needs a counselor.  Church planting is hard work and is wrought with frequent discouragement.  Church planters need a counselor.  To be clear this is someone that you pay.  Be it a licensed Christian counselor, biblical counselor, or the like this is someone you pay for their time and their expertise that hears the struggles and pains that the planter has and points them towards the Lord and His Word.

Greatest Value

The most valuable thing a counselor can do is help the planter feel heard in the many struggles and hurts that he will experience.  The counselor needs to help the planter identify detrimental thought patterns and behaviors and point him towards healthy, gospel-centered ones as he deals with the ups and downs of planting.  This person is doing soul-care for the planter.


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What Will People Think?

My short answer is, WHO CARES?  I know you need a counselor.  I bet you know you need a counselor.  Who cares what someone else thinks?  However, because a stigma exists about counseling, and you may have some feelings about it yourself, realize that you don’t have to tell anyone that you are seeing a counselor.  This doesn’t need to be a thing that is broadcast openly if you are worried about it.  It can be as private as you want it to be.



How Do I Find One?

We use a counseling service called, Better Days here in Houston.  They were recommended to us, but they are part of the Association of Biblical Counselors, a group we know and trust.  If that isn’t your tribe then Google counseling for pastors in your general area and you will find someone.  I’m proud of my denomination for offering care for pastors.  Check it out here.


This series is drawn from my book, Proliferate, A Church Planting Strategy for Everyday Churches.  If you haven’t already you can pick it up from Amazon (Paperback or Kindle) or Barnes & Noble (Paperback or Nook).



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