Goals Need to be EVALUATED

Tips for evaluating your goals


Once you’ve written SMART Goals you need to take them to the next level, you need to make them the SMARTEST goals you’ll ever have.  That means you need to do the difficult work of Evaluating, Sharing, and Tailoring your goals.  Over the years I’ve discovered that when I write my goals I’m either too high on what I think I can achieve or too easy on myself.  These next three steps help me get further.

When it comes to evaluating goals you need to take the 5-7 goals that you have already written and set them aside for a couple of days.  The excitement needs to be tempered a tad and you need to think about the reality of the goals that you have in front of you.  If you’re like me you’ve written down the great aspirations of your life.  You can’t get there in a year.  You can get there in a lifetime.  Evaluate carefully and contemplate carefully.

Tips to help you clarify

Look at each of them and ask yourself the basic SMART questions:

  • Are these goals specific?  Are they clear?
  • Are these goals measurable?  Are they associated with numbers?
  • Are these goals achievable?  Are they realistic?
  • Are these goals relevant?  Do they matter to my future?
  • Are these goals time bound?  Do they have specific start and end dates?


Click on one of the S.M.A.R.T.E.S.T. Goals elements below to jump to a more specific description of that area.  Click here to get an overview of the S.M.A.R.T.E.S.T. Goals system.


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