Connecting with Visitors During Digital Church

3 Different Types of Communication Cards

Over the last several weeks I’ve talked to several different leaders who have done online church MUCH longer than we have. We learned that churches capture information differently.  Many of those leaders recommended 3 different cards to help capture information: a general communication card, a decision card, and a prayer card.  These should be used at different times in the online service. Here are the three cards and how our church, CityView, has executed each card.   

  1. General Communication Card:
  2. Decision Card:
  3. Prayer Card:

Using the General Communication Card

  1. Only use the General Communication Card to capture general information
  2. The general card should only have the most minimal information to make a good contact with them.  Too much information will keep people from filing it out.  
  3. CityView uses the general communication card during the first 20 minutes of the service.  We talk about it at least 3 times during the service from the person leading (host, worship leader, preacher).
  4. In addition to talking about it we post the link several times while the stream is running.  
    1. On Zoom this would be in the chat.  
    1. On Facebook Live it would be on the comments.  

Using the Decision Card

  1. Only use the decision card to capture decisions. 
  2. Refer to this during the preaching and during the invitation time.  
  3. Have the card link listed several times during the preaching time.  Not before the preaching time.  

Using the Prayer Card

  1. We use the prayer card during the last 5 minutes.  
  2. We push people to it at the end of our service and run it periodically throughout the whole service in the comments or chat area.  
  3. It needs to be simple for people to submit requests. 

Follow Up

Make sure that whatever information you get is followed up on.  This is very important to the entire process.  Capturing information is only useful when it is used.  

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