A Church Planting Strategy for Everyday Churches


Every Church Can Be A Church Planting Church!

More than 85 percent of churches have under two hundred people in weekly attendance. The tendency is to think these churches are ordinary or everyday–conventional wisdom says that bigger is better and Everyday Churches can have only a limited impact. But when Jesus was teaching people about the Kingdom of God, he didn’t follow conventional wisdom. He compared the Kingdom to a mustard seed–the smallest of seeds, but with the potential to change the landscape. Just like the mustard seed, Everyday Churches are small, but filled with potential. In Proliferate, the reader will:

  • Understand that Everyday Churches can be involved in church planting
  • Build out a vision for their church’s involvement in church multiplication
  • Learn to confront obstacles that stand in the way of church multiplication
  • Create a communication strategy to engage their church

Here’s what some people are saying

According to our church planting research, multiplication begins with a vision for the Kingdom. Contrary to popular opinion, this Kingdom vision doesn’t require you to be mega, rich, or famous. In this book, Jason helps contextualize that Kingdom vision for your church–for everyday churches everywhere. So pick this up and work through it with your team to see God’s Kingdom come and His will be done in your context.

– Daniel Im, coauthor of Planting Missional Churches and director of church multiplication at

Jason Crandall inspires every day leaders in every day churches to play their unique role in multiplying churches. He planted a church. He’s reproducing churches. Now, he’s showing us how. In Proliferate, you will learn how a smaller church can make an enormous impact from a practitioner, theologian and leader. It’s a good read with a powerful purpose.

– Bruce Wesley, Founding Pastor of Clear Creek Community Church and Founder of the Houston Church Planting Network

If Jason Crandall were a publicly traded company, I would be a major shareholder. In his book, Proliferate, he uses extremely practical stories to explain how everyday churches can make gargantuan impact for God’s Kingdom. This book is practical, timely, winsome, and raw. Consume it. Apply it. Enjoy it.

– Jeremy Roberts, Lead Pastor at Church of the Highlands, Chattanooga, TN and


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Productivity Book – Do More Better (Toronto: Challies, 2015)


The Premier Productivity Book

This is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to be more efficient and productive.  Do More Better by Tim Challies is practical, helpful, and short.  The system that Challies writes about is essentially the efficiency system that I’ve worked years to create for myself. I painstakingly worked and tweaked my system for the better part of a decade and then Tim Challies came along and made it simple.  This book shares a simple system to be productive everyday from a gospel-centered perspective. He shares several resources – get them all! I highly recommend this book.  If you apply this system for a few months you will become more productive. Get it on Amazon.