Goals Need to be ACHIEVABLE

Tips to help make your goals achievable


I recently completed a marathon.  That was a stretch, but an achievable goal based on my ability level, size, and talent as a runner.  All it essentially requires is that you need to be able to endure pain and boredom for a long period of time and not stop moving your legs forward.  It would absurd for me to make my goal to set the world record in the marathon or win the Chevron Marathon.  Those goals aren’t achievable, they are ridiculous.  Don’t write ridiculous goals.Your goals need to be achievable.  The goal needs to require stretching, but also be attainable if you are diligent and disciplined.  This is a tightrope to walk.  Don’t make the goal to easy. Don’t make the goal to hard.  Unless you are in your last year in college you can’t graduate within a year most likely, but perhaps you could graduate in two years.  You can accomplish more than you think you can when focus on the goal, but be honest with yourself about what is actually doable.


Tips to help you clarify

  • Is it reasonable to see yourself achieving this goal within a year?
  • Based on your current position and ability level will this goal stretch you, but not demoralize you?
  • Would your goal be better as a 3 year goal with separate annual goals?

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