5 Keys to Writing Annual Goals

2017 Annual Goals

5 Keys to Writing Annual Goals

Resolutions and goals go with January like peanut butter and jelly.  A new year brings new hopes and new opportunities.  In order to turn hopes into reality you’ve got to get serious about writing goals that you’ll follow through with.  That’s the idea behind this goals sseries.   I’ve been writing on goals for the last week. Check out the first two installments:

1) Face Yourself

Self awareness is a skill that has gone by the wayside in our day and age.  As you write annual goals you need to “know thyself”.  Understand what you are capable of and what you aren’t.  A frequent issue for those who start writing goals is they bight off more then they can possibly get done and they get discouraged.

2) Forget Past Failures

So you’ve failed at your goal once, twice or… twenty times.  So what.  If it is worth achieving the likelihood is that it is hard.  If it is hard then there are lots of unforeseen obstacles that can arise. Analyze what caused you to fail.  Once you figure out why you failed put it behind you and move on.

3) Fight for Progress

There is going to be adversity.  If the goal isn’t hard then it isn’t worth it.  You are going to need to have grit and fight move forward.  Here is one of my favorite movie scenes that deals with this fight.  Be inspired!

4) Find Those Further Along

In two weeks I’m hoping to complete one of my goals: Run a Full Marathon.  I don’t exactly have the typical body type for this and, until recently, I wasn’t surrounded by many experienced runners.  I sought out some experienced runners and asked them questions.  Then I sought out some runners who had just completed their first marathon and asked them every question I could think of.  That wisdom from those further along has proven to be invaluable as I’m two weeks from completing this gigantic goal.

5) Focus on the Goal

Marathon Annual Goals

I’ve had one picture on my to do list every day for the last year.  This is the finish line at the Chevron Houston Marathon. I’ve looked at this thing everyday for a year.  I can’t wait to cross that line.  Keep your eye on the prize.  When distractions come, focus on the goal.  When injuries happen, focus on the goal.  When you begin to fade in your resolve, focus on the goal.

Do you have any tips on writing goals? Anything to add?

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